In order to obtain the postgraduate degree, it is mandatory to attend and successfully fulfill the obligations for the Postgraduate Students in the theoretical courses, to implement the practical training (duration of fifteen days in a Diabetes Center/Physician) and to prepare the Master’s Thesis.

The studies at P.S.P. entail the payment of tuition fees. The tuition fees amount to a total of 5,000 euros (five thousand euros) and are paid in four (4) equal installments at the beginning of each academic semester.

Students whose income (individual or family) does not exceed one hundred percent (100%) of the national median for individual income and does not exceed seventy percent (70%) of the national median for family income are exempt from tuition fees. The exempted students should not exceed the percentage of thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students admitted to the P.S.P. and concerns participation in a single P.S.P. According to article 35 of Law 4485/2017, if the beneficiaries exceed the above percentage, they are selected in order of ranking, starting with those who have the lowest income.

The application for exemption from tuition fees is submitted by the interested party to the Department, after the completion of the selection process of the students at the P.S.P.

The granting of a scholarship, the conditions and criteria for granting a scholarship (indicative: academic criteria) as well as the obligations and rights of the scholarship holders will be determined, per academic year, by decision of the Department’s Assembly.

In the event that a postgraduate student has a scholarship or grant from another organization, they are not entitled to a scholarship from the P.S.P.