Graduates of the Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Nursing as well as other Health Scientists (such as Physiotherapists, Nutritionists-Dietitians), graduates of other related Departments of any Η.E.I, T.E.I (such as Psychology, etc.) of the country and of recognized institutions abroad, are accepted, provided they meet the necessary conditions for the successful attendance of the courses.

Graduates of other HEI, TEI or other Higher Schools may be admitted, following a decision of the Coordinating Committee.

The annual number of admissions to the P.S.P. is set at forty (40), with the possibility of modifying the number, depending on the candidate applications and the capabilities of the P.S.P., after a decision of the C.C. and approval of the Department Assembly. The exact number of entrants is determined each year by the C.C. In case of a tie, all the candidates with the same grade are also entered.

Candidates can also be final year students, who will have successfully completed their undergraduate studies before the end of registration and will meet all the requirements for admission to the P.S.P.

The selection is made based on the total number of points resulting from the consideration of the criteria, as follows:

1) General grade of the degree, multiplied by a factor of 1 (maximum 10 points).

2) Previous research activity or participation in educational programs of additional professional training, retraining or specialization in a related subject receives a maximum of 5 points.

3) Eventual professional experience, aiming to work in the scientific field of Diabetes Mellitus receives from 1-10 points.

4) Knowledge of a higher level of a foreign language receives 5 points. In the event that there is no official proof of a foreign language, it is examined orally for training certification.

5) Computer knowledge receives from 1-10 points.

6) The grade of the oral interview is multiplied by a factor of 3.5 (maximum 35 points).

The final selection of the Postgraduate Students is made by the Coordinating Committee of the P.S.P. based on the overall score, according to the above criteria. Objections to the candidate selection process may be filed within five (5) days from the announcement of the results.

In case of non-registration of a selected student, the Coordinating Committee invites the immediate first runner-up to take the place and so on.