The object of the P.S.P., which operates in the facilities of the Department of Medicine of the AUTH, is: the training of all Health professionals (doctors, nurses, dietitians and paramedical staff) in the modern treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and its complications, based on all the latest data in all individual areas. Special emphasis is given to modern pharmacotherapy and technology (insulin pumps-glucose sensors). The
rapid development of many new drugs and the technological achievements in the therapeutic treatment of D.M. in recent years, have resulted in difficulty in choosing the most appropriate treatment regimen in daily clinical practice. Attending the P.S.P will offer you the opportunity to acquire an excellent and documented knowledge of all the subjects that concern D.M. academically and/or professionally.

The purpose of the Postgraduate Program is to cultivate and promote the application, research and knowledge in the entire scientific field of Diabetes Mellitus as well as to provide postgraduate students with
specialised knowledge.

The main objectives of the PSP are:

i. Provision of high level postgraduate studies.

ii. Training of specialized graduates with a solid theoretical background, as well as the ability to deal with complex practical problems in the field of D.M.

iii. Consolidation of the capacity of postgraduate students through the provision of specialized knowledge and systematic clinical practice in the complex approach and management of aspects of D.M.

iv. Promotion of research in the field of D.M., as well as preparation of high-level relevant postgraduate theses.

v. Development of analytical and research skills required for doctoral level studies.

The guidelines of the P.S.P. are, on the one hand, the assurance of solid scientific foundations, modern knowledge and appropriate research methods and principles to postgraduate students, such that will make them capable of continuous training and improvement of the innovative spirit, and on the other hand, the cultivation of analytical and creative skills required for a responsible scientific, professional and research activity.

The obligation of all operating factors of the P.S.P. is to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of every aspect of the program, the educational and research process, as well as the promotion of collaborations with related Programs and Centers within the country and abroad.

The development of the teachings of the Program has been entrusted to distinguished, renowned and with many years of experience in the treatment of D.M., scientists from the Greek and International field. In addition, collaboration has been developed with Universities abroad such as Harvard (USA), the University of Tübingen (Germany) and the University of Sheffield (UK), within which the possibility for further research activity is provided. The clinical exercise takes place in the specialized clinics of the Diabetes Center of the 1st DPIM of the G.U.H.Th. “A.CH.E.P.A.”. For the
postgraduate students of the P.S.P. during its first two years of operation, free admission was ensured
in two conferences: a) a Greek one on the topic of the newest technology and b) an international one on the topic of Diabetic Neuropathy.

The P.S.P. leads to the awarding of a Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (MSD) from the Department of Medicine of the School of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the title: “Newer methods and technologies in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus”